Things To Know About Car Servicing

posted in: Auckland

Are you looking for a car servicing company that will give your care the proper care that it needs? Cars need proper attention and maintenance to last long. If you’ve been noticing some problems while driving it, maybe it’s time for you to bring it to a proper servicing shop like AutoCare. If you want to know what to expect from Auto care and similar independent repair shops, continue reading the article to learn more.


To properly take care of your car, make sure that you are aware of the age and mileage milestones that determine how often you need to take it to a car servicing company. This information is readily available in your vehicle’s manual. However, if you want to know the common frequency of servicing your auto, it should be at least twice a year or every 10,000km to avoid any problem. Issues may arise if you do not take your car to a shop like mechanical failures, so try your best to bring it to experts regularly. If you are in New Zealand, AutoCare can provide you with different services that will keep your car in good condition.

Dashboard Messages

Some people don’t pay too much attention to their dashboard warning messages. Most cars today contain this feature to warn drivers about oil and coolant levels, engine issues, braking system issues, or tire pressure. By reading the manual that comes with your car, you’ll know how to interpret the warnings and learn what to do if they appear on your dashboard.

Keep in mind that some messages are urgent and will require you to pull off to avoid any accidents or any more car trouble. To avoid getting serious dashboard messages, have a regular schedule to take your vehicle to a car servicing company that you trust.

Consequence Of Skipping Servicing

Along with the car trouble and accidents that you can encounter for skipping maintenance, is the financial cost. It can be very tempting to skip your car’s maintenance because you might be feeling lazy on the weekends when it’s the only time that you are available to go to an auto servicing shop. But this habit can cost you more than you will spend on servicing expenses. Replacing your car parts that can be damaged without the regular maintenance can cost you up to $2,575. That’s why you should remember this consequence next time that you are tempted to skip your car’s maintenance.

Choose The Right Servicing Company

If your car dealer is offering you some servicing, remember that their service will cost more than other shops. Independent servicing businesses like AutoCare will give you cheaper rates with a high quality of assistance.

Your car is not indestructible which is why you need to take care of it by giving it the proper maintenance and repair that it needs. Having a quick trip to a high-quality car servicing shop like AutoCare will save you from a lot of trouble and expenses. Keep these tips in mind and have a car that you’ll be able to use longer.